An organic fertiliser and soil treater which is 100% plant based and natural.

BAJANAS acts as an effective soil conditioner which softens the soil for easier root penetration and faster root growth. It also  combines natural organic materials and activates the microbes in the soil to provide it with sufficient nutrients.

Mainly made of banana skin and egg shells, along with other plant based ingredients, BAJANAS is a complete and balanced treater for your soil which eventually makes your plants grow happy and healthy!


Compatible with most plants, BAJANAS will help to restructure and regenerate damaged soil caused by chemicals found in most fertilisers. 


  • It is a soil treater. 
  •  It is 100% plant based, natural, and does not contain any synthetic chemicals. 
  •  It does not contain animal manure which makes it odorless. 
  •  It does not expire. 
  •  It is friendly to pets, kids, and the planet. 
  •  It can be used by anyone (young, old, male or female). 
  •  And best of all, it is suitable for all vegetables, fruits, flowers, plants, and ornamental plants.

If you need more information about BAJANAS, 

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